September 12, 2008

Monolith Music Fest. Wrap Up (Saturday): The Muslims

The Muslims
Back in 2004/2005 Denver had a band called The Ultra Boyz. The Ultra Boyz will forever be one of my favorite bands, so, naturally, anything that reminds me of them will instantly be high up on my list of things to enjoy. The Muslims fit that description. Now, they were not as or dancy, but The Muslims were just as noisy and punk-rock-fueled. These cats gave off the impression that they just did not give a crap, at all, and, as is the case with punk rock, that some how made them more of an interesting act. I wasn't originally planning on sticking around for their set, but their Strokes style delivery parallel to their Ultra Boyz style destroying abilities and punk-as-we-want attitude to be is actually what made me stop and listen for the rest of their set. Man what a good band.

The Muslims - Bright Side

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