September 18, 2008

Monolith Music Fest. Wrap Up (Saturday): Foals


Foals, for those of you who don't all ready know, are like a more accessible Battles. It's like Battles mixed with Los Campesinos! or the Pigeon Detectives. Dancy, smart, indie math rock with more pedals than one person ought to have at their disposal. Who knows/cares about what they're actually singing about (which appears to be more complex than most people tend to want to care about), their rhythms and awkward beats work their way into your mind and out through your, unbeknownst to you, shaking rump. Spastically rhytmmic, one only need to listen to their songs for a moment to tell that not only has a lot of thought gone into their songs and performance, but a lot of soul has as well. At one point the lead singer took out an auxilary floor tom and, while beating it, began to beat his head (I actually missed out on seeing this, but this is what I'm told). Now that takes soul power.

Foals - Electric Bloom

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