September 23, 2008

Monolith Music Fest. Wrap Up (Saturday): Cameron McGill and What Army

Cameron McGill and What Army

I've been following Cameron McGill since he played the South Park Music Festival in '06. He played Monolith last year too, but that was only at the acoustic stage, accompanied by Leslie of Leslie and the Badgers. This time he brought his full band along, and I must say I've never heard his material better.

It is amazing how well he carried the songs on his own, but compared to his performance with his full band, I'll never be able to see Cameron McGill alone, because it will never be the same. They performed with an intensity barely matched by anyone else at Monolith this year. A lot of their stuff was newer, me only being familiar with the material off of the first album, so it was almost like I was seeing a completely different band, but that's not a terrible thing, especially considering the band. Heck yes Cameron, heck yes. I hope to see you again next year.

Cameron McGill & What Army - As Ready As I'll Never Be

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