September 17, 2008

Monolith Music Fest. Wrap Up (Saturday): LoveLikeFire


LoveLikeFire summons a pulsing beast of sound, tearing through the minds (and ear drums if you're not careful) of an audience. Getting to experience this was quite the honor. They're not the most noisy thing ever, and I have reason to believe that their over powering shoegazy sound may have been the fault of the man behind the mixing board, but regardless, the wall of sound crashing down was not unwelcome. Their songs were sad and, at times, epic. Looking at my notes, I notice that I wrote "Amazing" several times, not sparing any amount of underlining, and I stand by that statement today. There was a dirtiness about the sound, but over all of it, every once and a while, came the sequel of the guitar. Ann's vocals were maybe the most clean, maybe smooth is a better term, vocals that I've ever heard. No matter how heavy the sound got, her vocals would just cut through all of it, like butter on the Aggro Crag. Simply stunning.

LoveLikeFire - From A Tower

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