September 17, 2008

Monolith Music Fest. Wrap Up (Saturday): Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt

At first, I wasn't feeling Colour Revolt. They were playing the Gigbot stage, which was called the Rock Room last year, and, last year, I didn't end up seeing a whole lot of bands who played the Rock Room (mostly because I simply wasn't interested). I'm no perfect person, and, yes, I was a little biased against them at first because they were, in fact, playing the Gigbot stage, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised after a few songs.

These guys drove their songs with such intensity and passion that it made their music more enjoyable. Admittedly I didn't think they were the most inventive or peculiar group at Monolith, not by far, but they certainly weren't your everyday rock musicians. By the 3rd song they had me picking out things about them that I really enjoyed, such as their "mewithoutYou" style rhythm to their songs, or their Led Zeppelin inspired rock outs. Not my favorite, but a valiant effort nonetheless.

Colour Revolt - Blood in Your Mouth


Sean said...

aw, that hurts my feelings. The Gigbot stage had a rad lineup! Blitzen Trapper, Morning Benders, Hearts of Palm, Presets, A Place To Bury Strangers, Hockey (just the ones I remember) were amazing.

Of course, I'm a little bit biased.

Sean (from Gigbot)

Luke Hunter James-Erickson said...

Just wait Sean! I have more to say about the Gigbot stage! I loved The Presets, APTBS, Hockey, Chain Gang, and some other! There are more reviews to come. So yeah, just hold your horses! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings though