September 15, 2008


I just got back from the 2nd and last day of the Monolith Music Festival, and there are many things that can and will be said about it, but all of this, I feel must prefaced with the fact that, yes, as you may have heard, Justice's set was stopped DEAD ... twice. The second and fatal blow was enough to make the audience refuse to leave until all the lights came on and they started to play another awful song after Eye of the Tiger had finished.

This was a bummer of a thing to happen, seeming how I had friends who essentially payed the entrance fee simply to see Justice play. But there are many sides to this story. The fact is that I had an amazing time, and save for this one mistake (not counting the Cut Copy set Saturday), Monolith, in my eyes, went off without a hitch. But, in reality, there was that hitch, and the Monolith crowd was left without a proper Justice Finale. But, again, this may have been caused by the equipment that Justice brought with them. BUT, it may have been something that was ignorantly overlooked. BUT, it could have been something that for no reason just plain broke, and it was no one's fault.

The fact is that most people, including myself, will never know the true cause of what the heck happened (unless a press release explaining the event surfaces), and we should realize that it was one mistake, in one set, and everyone else seemed to go pretty well. Basically what I'm saying is that if you didn't have a great time at Monolith just because Justice's set was cut short, then you must not have pushed yourself to see all of the amazing artists who put their all into performing this weekend, even if they weren't on the main stage, even if they only had like 6 people in their audience, even if they were a last minute addition and their name wasn't on the schedule.

I had a great time, regardless of this very unfortunate event. I just hope the good things that happened during this festival (which I'll be talking about for like a week [trust me, I've got a lot of content that I'll be dumping on here as soon as I can]) overshadow this mistake


Unknown said...

I agree, bummer about justice, but still a great show. They have a kick ass photo round up at of the whole weekend. Click through to the end of day 2 photos to see some killer crowd dancing at CSS and the yes, the little bit of Justice that we got to see.

Luke Hunter James-Erickson said...

I'll have my almost 1000 pictures up here within the week too...