September 19, 2008

Monolith Music Fest. Wrap Up (Saturday): KaiserCartel


KaiserCartel, a few years back, was recommended pretty highly by some big-name person, and, while I don't remember the person who recommended them, the name always stuck with me. I remember checking their myspace (at the time, the only page mentioning them), and liking it. I didn't remember their songs when Monolith Time came, but I knew it was something I had enjoyed.

KaiserCartel is a simple folk duo, bordering on twee, but not sickeningly sweet. Their music seems like music a family band would make, in that it was honest and wholesome sounding, regardless of lyrics. They were cute, and friendly, and multifacited (i.e. they played a bunch of different instruments). They played for a small crowd, but the small crowd walked away quite pleased.

The next day the two played a cute little "broken down" set at one of the many merchant tables. I love when things like that happen.

KaiserCartel - Okay

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