August 31, 2008

Holy Moley I completely forgot that, tonight, Shearwater is playing at the Hi-Dive with Wye Oak and Hospital Ships. Shearwater has put out two of the most amazing records of the last decade, one being 2006/7's Palo Santo, and the other being this year's Rook. Their music is so good it makes you wonder why other people are wasting their time while Shearwater still exists (granted, I'm a part of the "time-wasters" community, and I know the reason other people are wasting their time [it's fun to play music, that's the reason], but still, Shearwater puts just about everyone to shame). So who's going to be there with me? Because it better be you.

Shearwater - On the Death of the Waters
Shearwater - La Dame Et La Licorne


Anonymous said...

I've been anticipating this one ever since I got back from GA two weeks ago. I've never heard Wye Oak or Hospital Ships, but hopefully they won't disappoint as openers!

Luke Hunter James-Erickson said...

I'm pretty stoked myself. Wye Oak is good too, but I think their next album will be more fun. This is the first I've heard of Hospital Ships too, but I doubt they'll be bad if Shearwater approves :)