April 16, 2008

"We Need Some Change, Some Kind of Sign, Oh Yeah the Human Hearts So Cold and Blind"

Pretty freaky huh? Welcome to the future.

Expect a huge post here in a few days. For now, here are five things on my mind:

First: Local Hip-Hop Kiko Kinetic drew my attention to himself and I checked him out and I have to say I found a certain amount of promise in his tunes. I personally would check out the songs on his myspace page, but if you don't want to do so, you can check out this song he lent me (which, while good, isn't as good as the stuff on his myspace page):

Kiko Kinetic - Denver Anthem

Second: Lymbyc Systym is touring to support their Love Your Abuser Remix album. They're rocking in Denver here on the 30th at Bender's Tavern. Get excited :). here's the track list of the limited-to-1000 awesome remix album:

Astrology Days (The One AM Radio Remix)
Birds (Lymbyc Systym Remix)
Fall Bicycle (The Album Leaf Remix)
Truth Skull (Bibio Remix)
Love Your Abuser (This Will Destroy You Remix)
Rest Easy / Age Kindly (Back Ted N-Ted Remix)
A Day At The Beach (Reference Remix)
Idle Wires (Lymbyc Systym Remix)
...So We Can Sleep (Daedelus Remix)

Third: Tilly and the Wall are to release their new album, O, on June 17th. Super lovely and cute group that has only gotten more impressive. here's a track from that biznat:

Tilly and the Wall - Cacophony

Fourth: The Terrordactyls covered 5 songs originally by their good friends The Pharmacy, and are releasing those songs on the Mike Bowers EP. Here's a smattering:

The Terrordactyls - Growing Old
The Terrordactyls - Overcast Summer
The Pharmacy - Growing Old
The Pharmacy - Overcast Summer)

Five: The Last Shadow Puppets (1 member from the Arctic Monkeys, another from The Rascals) are releasing their debut soon (April 21st UK, May 6th US), and they've titled it The Age Of The Understatement. Either way, they recently sat down in NY and recorded a few stripped down versions of the songs on said debut, and here are those:

The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of The Understatement
The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You

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