April 11, 2008

Two Outstanding Achievements in Music, pt. 1

I recently found two albums that I cannot go without giving some sort of special attention. Here they are:

Umalali - The Garifuna Women's Project
Verdict: Love More Than Music (<3>)
This is one of those albums that you stumble upon and, when you hear it, don't believe that it actually exists. I first heard it around 11PM and was up until about 4AM re-listening to it the how-ever-many time in a row. It simply makes the world shine brighter and more magnificently than it did before. It's got this lasting joyfulness that it produces in you that you can't shake. It's beautiful and amazing and definitely in my running for album of the year. I'm only going to host songs you can't hear other places, so PLEASE check out the other stuff on the Myspace page, because ALL of it is ASTONISHING. Better yet, buy the dang thing: Here, Here, Here, etc.
Umalali - Hattie
Umalali - Luwübüri Sigala (Hills of Tegucigalpa)
Umalali - Anaha ya (Here I Am)
Umalali - ÁFayaháDina (I Have Traveled)

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