April 11, 2008

Two Outstanding Achievements in Music, pt. 2

Various - Nicola Conte Presents: Viagem
Verdict: Love More Than Music (<3>)
Outstanding on multiple levels. Every song sounds like it was taken out of a dream you dream of dreaming. Contributing bands include: Tenorio Jr, Trio Maraya, Hector Costita Sexo, Wanda Sa, Ana Lucia, Zimbo Trio, Djalma Dias And Sambossa, Octeto De Cesar Camargo Mariano, Yvett, Bossa Jazz Trio, Sansa Trio, Edgard And Os Tais, Claudia And Brazilian Octopus, and Som 3. This album makes music that calls itself "music" look like a fool and a liar. Pick this gem up here.
Hector Costita Sexo - Tokio
Yvette - Preconceito
Claudia And Brazilian Octopus - Gusto Deser Tomo Sou
Djalma Dias And Sambossa 5 - Cidade Vazia

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