April 5, 2008

Shows I've been too in the last little bit pt. 2

VBS (Vincent Black Shadow):
Let me just say first that after about 2 minutes of seeing these guys I instantly thought "this is this generation's Black Sabbath." Not because they're destined to become as well renowned as Black Sabbath, but because they're psychedelic and hardcore and rock (of many different sorts) all mixed in and man they like to have a bit of fun. Not as well received as I think they deserved, but I guess 3 Kings tavern can only get so loud.

I do have to say that I was rather impressed. The first time I saw Colin play under this moniker I was less than moved, but now he's really gotten into the swing of things, adding some crowd participation, a-la Ultra Boys, by placing a few drums up front for people to hit along to the music. Dancy, which is saying something considering the last time I saw him.

This was the first time I'd seen these cats play, though they'd been around the scene I spend a little bit of time around. Another mash-up of a few bands around town, despite only having two members. Interesting, but it didn't really capture my imagination like some of the artist's other projects have. I think the sound system was just a little funky, because if the drum machine had been louder, I think I would have enjoyed it more. Who knows though. I'll definitely see them next time, as I recommend you do if you can (They're currently on tour with Married in Berdichev!)

Is it sad that those are the only bands I can remember seeing, but know I saw more? because I think that's sad. Sorry I had to do a slap-dash review of each band, but I needed to clear my mindplate, and things are only just now starting to pile up. hurray...

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