April 2, 2008

"You Might Find this Hard To Believe, But Some People Find Me Hard To Talk to"

Those are not my doing. Thank the glorious genius behind Garfield minus Garfield.

So its basically been forever since I last posted, but things have been hectic. Also, my car is dying, which is upsetting, because if it dies, I have to convince other people to go to the shows I want to go to, and considering my track record with that, it looks unlikely that I'll be getting to a whole lot of shows if the car dies. It seriously has trouble going over 45mph.

Also depressing: I have over 35 albums that I've heard over the past 2 weeks that I'd like to review and get some mp3's up about, but I'm afraid I won't have very much time to do so, seeming how I also have to report on like 9 shows. This blog is turning into homework almost. Oh well, I still enjoy it for now. Expect a post with like 40 bands being talked about within the next week or so, along with a "full" report on all the shows I'd gone to.

Here are a whole bunch of songs that I hope brighten your day, I know a few of them really brightened my day (sorry there aren't any reviews near the bottom, I needed to post something, and this is all I've had written for basically the last 6 days).

Team Genius - Hooray
Verdict: Like ()
Team Genius is kind of confusing. Sometimes they sound like a Weezer cover band, and sometimes they sound like old Sunset Rubdown demos that melted into Polyphonic Spree demos (like, if the Spree were to only have had 5 or 6 members at the time). I'm certain I'm not the only person who is having a hard time describing their sound, because these kats are all over the board. Not instantly engrossing, but it quickly won me over after a few listens. Not the most complicated music, but not all music has to be.
Team Genius - Sing Song
Team Genius - I'm Just An Idiot

Flat Duo Jets - Two Headed Cow
Verdict: Love More (<3)
1950's Elvis (Costello and Presley) rock with a hint of Shoegaze that just grabs you and Shu-Shu-Shakes you outta your seat. Like The White Stripes mixed with The Black Diamond Heavies and the Raveonettes, all lead by the future ghost of Elvis Costello.
Flat Duo Jets - Rawhide
Flat Duo Jets - Rockhouse
Flat Duo Jets - Everybodys Movin'

Saint Bernadette - I Wanna Tell You Something
Verdict: Love (<)+
It's like Prog Rock influenced Alt. Blues Rock. Short and sweet little EP that has captured my heart, a rare feat.
Saint Bernadette - One In a Million
Saint Bernadette - Love Is a Stranger

No Doctors - Origin & Tectonics
Verdict: Like ()
Weird, but in a Flaming Lips kind of way, or an Old Time Relijun way. Not saying they sound like Flaming Lips Old Time Relijun (well, they kind of do in a way I guess), but that it's an acceptable weird. But when I listen to them I get the feeling that I'm listening to a local band that has a huge, very nice, following of people who enjoy the musicians as people, and not really for their music, so the musicians go on doing what they're doing,improving slightly, but mostly just jamming out. I think No Doctors needs someone to say "you suck," so they can really pump out some good, solid, well constructed songs. I think they can do it. They don't suck, they're just nothing phenomenal.
No Doctors - Yerba Buena
No Doctors - Invisible Clopes
No Doctors - AAO

Soundpool - Dichotomies & Dreamland
Verdict: Like ()+
Ethereal is a very good way to describe this album. It's chill on very many levels, but it puts you in a state of unease which is all around enjoyable. Like a horror film slowed down to quarter time.
Soundpool - Pleasure and Pain
Soundpool - Lush What Becomes You
Soundpool - The Divides of March

Alamo Race Track - Black Cat John Brown
Verdict: Love (<)+
Devendra Banhart apparently changed his name and face and joined this band (not true, but it sounds like it). Their sound is like a fuller, better produced, Strokes version of Devendra's music, but that's not to say they don't have their own voice, and, truthfully, the majority of the songs aren't too Devendra-y, only a few sound very much like Devendra. All That aside, these guys have an upbeat and clever way of getting their music across, and it just sucks me in and puts a smile on my face. Very nice.
Alamo Race Track - Black Cat John Brown
Alamo Race Track - Stanley Vs. Hannah
Alamo Race Track - The Northern Territory

Bing Ji Ling - June Degrees In December
Verdict: Didn't Like (ø)

Um. Yeah, just not my style. I tried it a few times, and just couldn't get into it.
Bing Ji Ling - June Degrees In December
Bing Ji Ling - Kathalina

Pleasureboaters - ¡Gross!
Verdict: Like ()+
Pleasureboaters - Deckhand Paterson
Pleasureboaters - Elliptical Realism

We Were The States - Believe The Thieves
Verdict: Love (<)

We Were The States - Up Your Sleave
We Were The States - Til Morning Comes

Bridges and Powerlines - Ghost Types
Verdict: Love (<)-

Bridges and Powerlines - Uncalibrated

Boo and Boo Too - Boo and Boo Too EP
Verdict: Love (<)

Boo and Boo Too - Couch on Fire
Boo and Boo Too - David Turns A Mystic

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