September 10, 2009

Woodhands - Heart Attack
My Thoughts: Love More (<3)

Woodhands came out of no where it seems. All of a sudden there was a new heavy-weight and I felt like I ought to have had more of a warning. Getting past the first song which I didn't care for, there is a surprisingly smart and simple album that's been released to silently sneak into your camp and soothingly seduce your soldiers into surrendering their senses to the stupendously sexual sounds on this cd ("c" totally has an "s" sound there so I totally think it counts). Taking from all realms of dance music, from the dirtiest of rock to the cleanest hip-hop (we're talking production rates here) to the most perplexingly mixed genre of all: disco (okay I'm just writing BS now, I don't actually believe that at all, I'm just saying there's a little disco in this record). There are awkward, almost 31knots-style drum rhythms mixed with heavy Moog-ish synth rhythms (which will forever melt my heartzilla). There are clear influences such as the Faint, Death From Above, and other such big-wigs of the now-pretty-universally-agreed-dead genre of Dance Punk, but I think more recent go-to-oh-you're-actually-playing-that-card names such as LCD Soundsystem (but who isn't, in some way, influenced by that freaking band [Jandek, that's who]). The record is perplexing, and will surprise the pants out of you.

They will, of course, be at Monolith this weekend, and you had better be there to see them.

Woodhands - Be Back Soon
Woodhands - Breaking Up
Woodhands - I Wasn't Made For Fighting

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