September 27, 2009

Monolith Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Lydia

IMG_1850.jpg picture by Lukehunter2

I had met some people in the Lydia audience that had driven from, like, kentucky or some ridiculous distance like that, just to see Lydia. I can see why, but I don't think I'd do the same. They were indie pop rock kind of stuff that I didn't much attach to, but I could see that the small room was filled with smiling faces, which is, if anything, encouraging.

Lydia - This is Twice NowIMG_1851.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1853.jpg picture by Lukehunter2
IMG_1849.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1842.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1845.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1848.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1852.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1855.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1856.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1854.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1847.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1844.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1841.jpg picture by Lukehunter2IMG_1843.jpg picture by Lukehunter2

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