September 10, 2009

These United States - A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden
My Thoughts: Love More (<3)>

These United States has been a constant surprise, and their newest release is no different (should I say I wasn't surprised?). Everything else I've heard from this collective has been folky and very guitar centered, but with this release it sounds like the band put down their guitars and picked up keyboards, much like an 80's revolution all over again, but without the inability to control their desires to push production to the peak. There are still folky progressions, but synth pads float gently over the ungated, down to earth drums and funk basslines where guitar strings previously paid. A Paleo-style wavering, uncertain vocalist quivers through twelve tantalizing tracks bringing to mind emotions I once attributed to personal forever-favorites Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.

It's a freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet album that is as sexual as it is walking talking robot cowboy. Whatever the heck that meansssssssssssssss.

They'll be playing Monolith, and you had better believe I'm gonna be as close as I can be.

These United States - Burn This Bridge
These United States - So High So Low So Wide So Long
These United States - Kings and Aces

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