August 21, 2008

Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice Split
Verdict: Love More (<3)

I was all ready in love with Ghost Mice when I picked this album up last year, though I had, admitedly, never heard of Andrew Jackson Jihad. I loved his side just as much as the Ghost Mice side, and that's saying a lot, because ever since my friends Sierra and Kiyomi introduced me to them, I've been head over heels for them. This spit (8 songs each) is just a small taste of how great these bands are. For Ghost Mice, it was a way for them to showcase how they've been growing as musicans, and for Andrew Jackson Jihad, well, it's just another entry in his all ready stellar releases list (however short that list may be).

Andrew Jackson Jihad - We Shall Die Alone Someday
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Lightning Blot (Ghost Mice Cover)
Ghost Mice - Cementville
Ghost Mice - Survival (Andrew Jackson Jihad Cover)

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