August 15, 2008

Faded Paper Figures - Dynamo
Verdict: Love More (<3)+

This is an album that I've been sitting on for some time, not because I couldn't decide how I felt about it, but because I had just plain forgotten that I hadn't mentioned it.

Faded Paper Figures make cute, 8-bit/Postal Service influenced electro-y indie pop, and by god they're absolutely geniuses at it. These songs are songs that could only happened in todays world ... mostly because these three didn't exist until recently (in the broad sense of existence). Yeah, that's kind of vague, but what I'm alluding to is that these three are masters of music, and you ought to check them out.

I'm certain I'll be writing them up in my "best of" for this year's music

Faded Paper Figures - Geneva's Gone (one of the best songs this year)
Faded Paper Figures - I Fell Off My Name
Faded Paper Figures - Metropolis

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