August 24, 2008

Look at what showed up on the bulletin board not to long ago


Date: Aug 23, 2008 8:52 PM
Subject: Uh oh... NEW SONG!
Body: TWO YEARS it's been, flew by just like THAT! (*snap). In those two years we've been lucky enough to have traveled all over this planet, and eat hot dogs (veggie dogs) in Chicago, shot guns at beer cans in Alaska, and see a bikini babe with a giant KORN lower back tattoo in Australia (with the backwards R and everything.) but in those two years, with all the KORN tattoos and what not to see, we haven't had the chance to release any new songs... Well, finally that will no longer be the case. On Monday we're pre-releasing a song from an album we've been working on for the past number of months. The song's called GOOD OL' FASHION NIGHTMARE from the album we're calling GRAND.
Starting Monday you'll be able to download it for FREE from rcrdlbl. com.
Just wanted to give you a heads up cause we're so, super, freakin, stoked about it.

Hope all is rippin.


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