August 15, 2008

So every once and a while I get an e-mail that has just a few sentences and an mp3, mostly these end up being remixes or something, and I find them just piling up until I decide what to do with them. Well now I've decided what I'm going to do with them. Every once and a while I'll put them on this site in a new installment I'll call:

From Luke's Inbox:

At some point I think I'll make it a weekly thing, like, every Monday I'll drop everything from the last week or so. This week, we have this wide selection:

Trash Yourself, straight out of the "OKC" come with abrasive electro glitch that Add (n) to X would be proud of (well ... maybe ... you never can tell with the avant-garde). Bonus remix of Belafonte's Jump in the Line by John from Trash Yourself:
Trash Yourself - Fuck the Police
Harry Belafonte - Jump in the Line (John Bourke's Bmore Remix)

I had volcano! described to me as a shoot off of Deerhoof, and I can see where that description came from, but I've honestly heard little else that sounds like volcano!. I love this song ... a lot ... and will definitely be picking up their new album. I just hope this isn't the only song like this:
volcano! - Africa Just Wants To Have Fun

Super Fresh Power Squad are following in a a few people's foot steps, but I can only imagine that they will carve out their own interesting niche in no time. Sometimes their songs drag out in really awkward ways, but maybe that's what they're going for:
Super Fresh Power Squad - Electric Lovin'
Super Fresh Power Squad - Night Time (Fight Time)
Super Fresh Power Squad - Sexy R.O.B.O.T.

Leg-no is 1 hell of a marketer. This remix is showing up on all the cool kid's blogs, and for good reason, it's pretty hot. I can't deny that the original version is the one I prefer, but the remix is actually quite a blast. giverago:
Spank Rock - rick rubin (leg-no remix)

Black Gold is the next step in some sort of music evolution chain. They mix Brit-pop with a sort of disco but all of it seems to be pointing toward what most the music these days is: Dancing. Black Gold seems to want to have good time, but make a beautiful song. This one song makes me think that they're the U2 of Indie Dance Music, but, that's just first impressions...
Black Gold - Detroit

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