May 1, 2008

Air Traffic Giveaway

Air Traffic is coming to town tomorrow night (to the Bluebird, actually), and, almost needless to say, I'm rather stoked. Some of you may remember that I rather enjoyed their album (quite a bit actually).

Need a reminder to their sound? no prob:

Air Traffic - Charlotte (one of the best songs ever)
Air Traffic - Time Goes By
Air Traffic - I Like That

Well as it turns out, I happen to have a bit of a giveaway for all of you out there:

Whoever can answer my question gets:

-Their new album, Fractured Life
- 2 Tickets to the show at the Bluebird on Friday (tomorrow)
- a signed poster of our boys Air Traffic

So what is the question, you ask? it is this: Where did they get their band name from?

There, simple as cake. Be the first to answer this one question, and you get all of the above. happy hunting!

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