May 26, 2008

1 Week Summer Break

So I only had one week until my classes started again (this last monday) because for some unforeseen reason I thought it would be a good idea to, oh, I don't know, catch up on school work. That's a lie, I know why I'm doing it: it'd be nice to graduate at some point. This unfortunately means I won't be able to go to a million shows this summer like I have the past few summers. But that's okay, because there is so much new music coming out that is so good that it almost makes up for that. What's been coming out? well lemme just start out by mentioning a few things:

Fischerspooner's new song is all right. I'm not saying that I anticipate a bad release, but that I'm going to be a little cautious:

Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge

I stumbled upon this band called The Atomica Project who have two stunning, electro england-in-the-90's-style R&B/melodramatic 90's pop tunes that I think you should check out:

The Atomica Project - Gravity

The Atomica Project - Forecast

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