May 9, 2008

Hey Liam, Don't Pull a 2002-Trash-Everything-New Again Please

The Prodigy keep hinting that they're going to be releasing a new album in the "near" future. I'll believe it when I see it. With 7 years between album 3 and 4, one might say I'm not too hopeful for a quick release. I dunno, maybe they really are gonna pump one out quick. .... Anyway, they did post some surprising news recently. Well, more like trivial news, but it's still interesting to read. Apparently these are the bands they've been listening to recently (i wonder how it's going to effect the music ... if at all):

kicks like a mule
the horrors
jagz kooner
juliette lewis
the eighties matchbox b-line disaster

In other news: finals week sucks. Luckily, by the end of today, it will be over. Unluckily, I'm taking classes over the summer, which start on the 19th. pardon me if I skip the "hooray." ... well, I dunno, the classes aren't too boring ...

Wow, it looks like this has turned out to be an almost complete waste of a post. Expect an "albums review" post next week with lotsa nice "chunes," as they would say on the Prodigy Forums...

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