June 29, 2009

Wait ... why is it necessary to see Jay-Z blow 500 gil in one hand of poker?

You know. There is a lot to say about the fact that Jay-Z is calling for the death of Auto-tune, but I think he's going about it all wrong. You don't start social revolutions by telling people to stop, you do it by doing what you want to do and doing it well. If you're good enough, convincing enough, and lucky enough, people will follow in your footsteps.

I really admire the fact that Jay-Z is calling for a transition back to the more realistic forms of music production, but there are so many inconsistencies within the song if he's really going for that. The beat is very clearly heavily produced, and there's no way you'll ever convince me that he did the whole thing in one take, with no Pro-tooling around. The whole genre of Hip-hop is based in completely inorganic, produced sounds, so to call for one aspect of the still developing and evolving genre (and it's sub-genres) to be changed back to the way it was, when it was more real, seems rather ridiculous.

That and I think the song isn't all that catchy or fun. And if a song isn't fun in some way, then I generally don't care.

The Monolith Music Fest Sampler will be up later this week. Or early next

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