June 27, 2009

As clever and attractive as you may be, you may not have known that Justin Rice, of Bishop Allen Fame, is in like 10 films. Here are some trailers that I want to live:

Bishop Allen will be in these places at these times:
07/16/09 Guimaraes, Portugal - Manta Festival
07/18/09 Dornstadt, Germany - Obstwiesenfestival
07/19/09 Nijmegen, Netherlands - Volkhofaffaire
07/20/09 Barcelona, Spain - Be Cool
07/21/09 Vic, Spain - Jazz Cava
07/22/09 Sevilla, Spain - Nocturama
07/23/09 Son Servera, Spain - S'Esglesia Nova
07/24/09 Sonneger See, Austria - Acoustic Lakeside
to bad I'm in colorado :(
(I mean, colorado's nice and all, but, damn, it's no Spain).

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