June 25, 2009

I have far too many interests to be expected to keep up with them all. this is why my dream job would be to just be ... I dunno ... a professional consumer of culture and conversationalist concerning culture. But only I get to decide what aspects of culture that covers.

Go to this post on Ain't it Cool New and watch every trailer and short film. you will not be unhappy.

I find it interesting that Facebook only has a "like" feature, and not a "don't like." I've noticed a lot of people commenting on this. I think the fact that a lot of people are commenting that they would use a "don't like" button, in some cases more frequently than the "like" button, says a lot about not only those on facebook, but people in general. This says to me that people more frequently post tragic things in facebook status and on facebook walls (thus the call for "don't like"). It seems like this means that people are focusing more on the sour news. But that's not all bad I suppose. Sometimes sour news needs to get out.

like the fact that sometimes you unwittingly do terrible things:

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