June 25, 2009

Boredoms - Super Roots 10
My Thoughts: Love (<)

The Boredoms have, for a long time now, been very near and dear to my heart, and with their most recent release of Super Roots 10, I can safely say they're not going anywhere soon. That said, this EP ... album ... release (lets just say), only really has one fantastic track on it, and it's the track Ant 10. The intro track is mind blowing in that it's a couple seconds of the most mind numbing bassy sound I've ever heard (you need ear buds to fully experience it. It makes your brain vibrate.), and that's only so interesting. The other four tracks are remixes of Ant 10 which, when the original is so everywhere all at once as it is, is kind of pointless, because there really isn't any more ground to be covered once you hear the original track. Decide for yourself

Boredoms - Super Rooy
Boredoms - Ant 10

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