June 27, 2009

Alan Alda – EP
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Not the guy from M*A*S*H. I swear that’s the last time I’ll tell that joke. The first time I had the opportunity to see these cool cats was actually this EP’s release show that my band played with them, and when I was packing my stuff up during the begining of their set, I thought for a moment the venue was just going to play the EP through the house speakers really loud. Then I realized the drums sounded way to real, and checked out the stage to see what was going on. Lo and Behold Alan Alda was there rocking out infinitely more professionally than I've seen it done in a long time. They were basically perfect. I've never seen a better performance at the Meadowlark.

Their music is indie rock awesomeness reminiscent of an era that has kind of past, but this album shows us there is still ground to be covered. The drums sound full and alive, and guitars dirty and distorted. The vocals come off as little unfocused at first, but then you realize he's hitting every pitch just right, it's just that he has a strangely unique voice. Certainly something to take notice of:

Alan Alda - Red Sky Morning

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