June 30, 2007

"My Body Is a Cage, That Keeps Me From Dancing With The One I Love"/"I Hear Everybody That You Know Is More Relevant Than Everybody That I Know."

(Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg)

So the Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem have been confirmed to play a Red Rocks show seriously 2 days after the Monolith Music Fest. That is going to be one hell of an extended weekend. Do I even need to say I've all ready got tickets? Anyway, because of this incredible development, I will now host a live set by each of these groups.

The Arcade Fire have somehow become living legends. I don't know if it's because they rarely play shows (anymore), or that when they do play, it's in venues that hold about 30 people, or, simply, because their music is radically spectacular. My money's on the latter.

If you don't know about them yet, you've all ready missed out. Here's a refresher course for those of you not willing to accept that you've missed out. But now, onward and upward. Here is a fairly recent live set from our Neon Bible-toting boys and girls in black, white and red all over:

Band: The Arcade Fire
Venue: The St. Michael's Church (Secret Gig), Montreal, Canada

(btw, I'm using mediafire for the time being, so left click of the files, the d/l from that page :) )

Black Mirror
Keep the Car Running
No Cars Go (Neon Bible Version)
Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
My Body is a Cage
Ocean of Noise
(Anti-Christ Television Blues)
The Well and the Lighthouse
Power Out

This live set is actually the first thing I ever heard by LCD Soundsystem, and was, thusly, rather disappointed with the group's studio recordings. There is so much energy and life in this recording that it feels as though LCD Soundsystem is playing at my house ... my house. This is what I consider the "best of" by LCD, even if it doesn't have their best studio stuff. Whatev, you get what I'm saying, enough jibber-jabber, on with the you know:

Band: LCD Soundsystem
Date: 2005-09-04
Venue: Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland

Beat Connection
On Repeat
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
Losing My Edge

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