June 12, 2007

"I Like Giants, Especially Girl Giants/I Am Just a Huge Manatee"

That's a fan-made music video set to the music of The Moldy Peaches. Much like the lyrics of the Moldy Peaches, Kimya Dawson's solo material is often laden with surprising vocabulary, which is a fancy way of saying "I wouldn't expect, from the sound of her music, that she would say the word 'fuck.'"

Kimya got her start in the music biz, to my knowledge, by performing with her male counter part Adam Green (the musician, not the panda bear) in their justforfun band The Moldy Peaches, which, despite contemporary music critics, was a great band. They make me smile and dance. Here they are making you smile and dance:

The Moldy Peaches - Nothing Came Out (the music to the music video above)
The Moldy Peaches - NYC's Like a Graveyard (their rock n' roll song)
The Moldy Peaches - Who's Got the Crack? (funniest song in a long time. For some reason I can just picture a "Scooby-Doo" style "gang" of kids sitting around in a hollowed out shell of an apartment building sitting in a circle, looking cute, and singing this song)

Sometime shortly after the release of the Moldy Peaches LP and a whole heck of a lot of touring, Kimya and Adam both decided to do their own solo stuff. Then, shortly after she started her solo stuff, she got pregnant. But, like the trooper she is, she still performed, making her performances even more adorable and heart warming.

Band: Kimya Dawson
Date: 2006-07-11
Venue: The Paradox Theatre, Seattle, WA

Trump Style
I Like Giants
Smoothie Song
The Beer
[new song]

That last one was kinda short, so here's another one. A Pre-Pregnancy Live Set:
Band: Kimya Dawson
Date: 2005-05-19
Venue: The Bike Barn (not this Bike Barn, but one in MA I think. Though I don't really know)

My Mom
Singing Machine
Sheer Wonder Baby (Herman D√ľne Cover)
The Beer
Reminders of Then (The Moldy Peaches Cover)
Being Cool
Lullaby for the Taken (The Lady Took the Baby)
On the Road Again
My Bike
White Houses (Vanessa Carlton Cover)
Moving On
I Like Giants
Will You Be Me
Loose Lips

P.S.: Expect a HUGE post on the Monolith Music Festival

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