June 28, 2007

"Let's Trade Skins, I'm Rippling In This Skin That I'm In"

That is a map that my buddy Tom Wallingford made of all the artists on anticon. records, just to clear up any confusion. I recommend clicking on the image to see it at it's full power (mostly because when scaled down, you can't see a damn thing). Anyway, that was related to the last blog, now, on to the new one:

Mmmm, that sad, soothing, gorgeous Great Lake Swimmers sound, I can hardly get enough.

I saw Great Lake Swimmers last week at the local pool (i.e. the Hi-Dive [which, is actually not a pool at all]), and I might just have to say that I had a damn good time. Opening for them was a dude named Jason, who, to my knowledge, has not released any form of his music, or really even named his project. This, however, doesn't mean he wasn't a splendid opener. His music reminded me of the saddest of sad Radiohead songs drawn out to the point of no return. This boy could wail from a soul more troubled than good ol' Thom. I wish I would have found out more about this guy, but, alas. No worries though, a talent like this is sure to surface again.

After Jason finished up (in place of Porlolo I might add [I was rather looking forward to seeing Porlolo again]), Horse Feathers formed on stage and proceeded to woo the audience. 3 members were they, and quite the power trio they were. Justin taking up the mic and his guitar, Peter his violin, banjo, mandolin, saw, and make-shift drum set, and Heather her cello and celeste. The general arrangements sounded like, well, just that (classical arrangements that is) (thanks mostly to the violin and the cello). Then the three hunkered down and got all sorts of folky on us, which was welcomed by the friendly crowd. Lots of spunk, energy, and fun ... Horse Feathers ... what more can I say?

The 4 memebers of Great Lake Swimmers gracefully scurried their way onto the stage, and into our hearts (man that was cheesy). Really I can't say much more about them than that, and, of course, what their music says about them. So, listen up:

Band: Great Lake Swimmers
Date: 2005-09-08
Venue: Schubas, Chicago, Illinois

Moving, Shaking

Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour
The Man With No Skin
Let's Trade Skins (my 2nd favorite)
I Will Never See The Sun
Various Stages
Moving Pictures Silent Films
Innocent When You Dream (Tow Waits Cover) (1st favorite)

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I Am Not Ghengis Kahn said...

I made your blog! Woo! That map took me a whole... hour or so to make.

I decided to make one too, sir. Check it out.