June 26, 2007

"Without a Universal Law There Is No Gravity"

That video above was made by Ravi Zupa. The song was Rubber Traits by Why?.

I recently ran into a guy (Ravi Zupa) who was wearing an anticon. shirt, so I told him it was awesome, because, well, it was. He went on to inform me that he makes music videos for them (or, at least, has made at least 6 videos for a few of the artists signed to anticon.) [check his other stuff out either at his website, or on his (presumably) youtube account. it's well worth it]. This comes at a pretty pertinent time for me, as I've recently been getting really into the anticon. artists again.

The anticon. artists are, really, just one big orgy of musicians who constantly collaborate. My theory is that they simply like to title things, so they create as many side projects as possible so they can. I don't even want to attempt to help people understand the web they've woven. Check out the Wiki for that. For some awesome music by a few of my favorite anticon. artists:

cLOUDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (W/ Josiah)
Why? - Crushed Bones
Sage Francis - Clickety Clack
13 & God - Soft Atlas
Odd Nosdam - 11th Ave. Freakout Pt 2
Themselves - Terror Fabulous
Subtle - The Mercury Craze
Sole - year of the $exxx $ymbol
Deep Puddle Dynamics - June 26th, 1998
Passage - Creature in the Classroom
Jel - WMD
alias - Life of a Soldja (featuring Duck)
Pedestrian - Arrest the President
Dosh - Everybody Cheer Up Song
Buck 65 - Sore (Vocal Remix)
Atmosphere - Give Me

JUICE, Doseone, and Eminem rap battle (Turn the Volume down around 1:17 and turn it back up around 1:22 ... trust me):

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