March 18, 2009

This Just In: the Magic Cyclops says "no more!"

The Quad-City-Mad-Man is calling it quits! and after reading his reasons, I can see why. After a post detailing how Bender's Tavern has allegedly ripped him off, he posted this today:

Current mood:THE END OF AN ERA

9 yrs+? 1000 + shows and I've done more then most. After Tonight's hate filled evening which people wanted to fight me, and yelled at me .. and mind you these are grown adults. The evening ended with me being spat upon. Really?! Seriously?! Grown Adults?! So I will play the remaining shows I have comign up and unless the show is great but I'm never offered those shows anyway so I'm done playing live. I'm not going to quit cyclops just try and take it in more a media drivin' direction. Because no matter how many times I think people will "get ot" they just simply do not and are just not smart enough to takea joke. Sad really, but I new this going in because I listen to Devo. People are getting dumber. Are you?! I'm too old and smart for this shirt. This year the shows I've played have just gotten worst and worst leading us up to tonight and I can't take it anymore. Plus none of my friends ever come out to the show so it is just hate filled weirdos .Enough.

Saaaaaaaad :(, but I don't blame him. Check out his last shows:

April 2nd: Surfside 7 Dance Party Fort Collins, Colorado
April 6th: Tba Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 7th: Eclipse Records w/ International Espionage St. Paul, Minnesota
April 8th: Tba w/ International Espionage Madison, Wisconsin
April 9th: Czar Bar w/ International Espionage & Mark Mallman Kansas City, Missouri
April 10th: 3 Kings w/ International Espionage & Mark Mallman Denver, Colorado
April 11th: Road 34 w/ International Espionage & Mark Mallman Fort Collins, Colorado
May 1st: Rocket Room w/ International Espionage Colorado Springs, Colorado
July 11th: Denver International One Man Band Festival • 3 Kings Denver, Colorado

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