March 13, 2009

"A Magic Bunny in a Hat"

Halloween Swim Team - The End of The Sky
Verdict: Love (<)

I wasn't really certain what to think about Halloween Swim Team at first, but I knew that I would enjoy it on some level as soon as the album started. It's like a lo-fi indie-rock-centered version of the Knife. They also seem to take a certain amount of influence from Múm. They appear to be mostly a beat machine, a Moog, and a singer.

They are, in fact, a bass player, a drummer, and Moog-playing singerman, though the album really does sound a bit too electro to really be 3/4 live instruments, but hey, something just don't work on the album like they probably do live.

That said, this album is smoooooooth as silk. Each track winds and twists around your brain, making it plan your next dance party (making sure to include HST on the playlist.) Okay, this is getting ridiculous. What I mean to say is that the album is great, though there are, admittedly, a few low points when it sounds like they just turned the Moog on, held a chord down, changed the chord every eight bars, and put a basic drum beat under it. the only thing that doesn't sometimes feel like it was just phoned in is the vocals, but they sound like they're the only live thing on the album, so that's not surprising. However, these low points are fairly few and far between, so the album, as a whole, is very enjoyable. A great start to what I hope is a great career.

Halloween Swim Team - Coincidence
Halloween Swim Team - The Magick Song
Halloween Swim Team - Inside/Out TV

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