March 27, 2009

Jar-e - Chicas Malas
Verdict: Like ()-

Jar-e is in interesting artist. He clearly has a very well used voiced, and damn he knows how to write a song, but, for the most part, it just doesn't reach me. I have a hard time putting my finger on it really. The album is full of summery, fiesta style dance 'til you drink some more attitude infused with a funk-rhythm that really isn't about to sit down and take your crap. But the whole thing comes off as sunday morning driving to see the Dentist music. Maybe that's because my Dentist listened to latin smooth jazz. In fact that's probably exactly why.

Jar-e is a talented man, and the musicians he has surrounded himself with in order to make this album are tip-top, but the album doesn't really seem to take enough risks. Like I said in the Greg Laswell review, that can be good and bad, it all depends on who your audience is. Jar-e is not looking to impress me, and this is evident in his style. He's here to groove out, have a get-down time, and get smooth up in your ear hole. This is admirable, because the guy fits into his genre very well, and I could see him pleasing very very many people with his tunes. However, unless he mixes it up and gives us something we've not heard before, he's not going to be winning fans like me. I think he is very capable of doing this, but I don't think this is his prerogative, and there is nothing to be ashamed of with that. I liked a few songs off the album, but over all, it wasn't for me. I'm certain he doesn't much like the Boredoms either haha. I recommend trying it out though, because Jar-e is clearly a very talented musician:

Jar-e - Casa Believe
Jar-e - Ramparts
Jar-e - Rosary

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