November 6, 2008

this just in

"THE ALBUM IS DONE. we r all so buzzed about it . it is called INVADERS MUST DIE as you probably know by now ! .11 tracks. its a band album mostly so we can play all the tunes live if we want. didnt want to have any guest vocalists on this record even though we did do 3 collabs but they didnt feel part of this record -- they may come out later. dave grohl plays on run with the wolves, what a top lad he is . he approached me and we pulled that tune out the bag at last minute, fast ferocious tune with evil big electronic riff with keef on vocals. i also got james from 'does it offend yo yeah' in to do a bit of additional production on a couple of tunes .i met him at gatecrasher and he basically told me he was a fan and had been trying to rip of my sound for years , fukin hilarious . geezer ,great to work with. warriors dance is on there sounding massive in its final form . got lots of other beats and pieces left over including a couple of live tunes i know people buzz off so the plan is to put that shit onto an additional disc that will be part of a box set or deluxe -not sure yet but those beats that didnt make the main album need to break out .
seee ya LLLLL. HHHH"

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