November 21, 2008

This band by the name of Republic Tigers came to the Hi-Dive on the 15th. I'd heard their album a few times and rather liked it (save for the one song about playing air guitar. for some reason that song just rubbed me the wrong way). I figured their music, which is pretty good on the album, just comes alive when you see them in person. Well as it turns out my postulation was pretty spot on.

To be honest, the first 2 or 3 songs had me worrying that I would be writing about how they were good musicians, but I just didn't like their stuff. I don't know if it was the material or the audience, but, slowly at first, they just got better. Out of probably nine songs, the last five songs were just plain terrific. I've come to discover that the music I derive the most enjoyment these days is music that just utterly destroys. What I mean by that is actually a little hard to explain without the use of facial expressions and hand gestures, but basically it comes down to the musicians being utterly immersed in their music and the sounds coming out just taking my spirit and shaking it. Granted, even that is vague and what I'm basically saying is that I like what I like. Well what Republic Tigers did for the 2nd half of their set ... I liked it. Also granted, they didn't completely destroy, but they were pretty fun. It was like an amalgamation of shoegaze, 80's pop and late 90's indie rock.

Maybe it just took a second to hit their stride, but once they were on their game, it was like a wall of ridiculous sexiness via the speakers. Other than when they played their song Air Guitar I felt that one should have no reserves about trusting that their next album will be simply stunning. I know I'll see them next time they come into town ... for sure.

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