November 1, 2008

Last Monday I made a trip over to the Bluebird, a venue which I've slowly been gaining respect for for a while now. It's got an amazing sound set up which rarely produces a bad mix, though this could also be the work of a the Bluebirds soundperson. Either way, I've seen a myriad of shows here and every time I walk away fairly pleased. Last Monday night was, thankfully, no different.

I was not familiar with the Secret Machine's (The Dear's tourmates) new album (I hadn't actually realized they'd put one out in a while), but I was hella familiar with The Dear's new album (which, as a side note, is spectacular), and I was anticipating a good showing.

Again, I was not disappointed. The Dears were, physically, a little cramped on the stage, but that didn't come through in their performance, which was smooth and energetic. They played the upbeat songs from their albums, keeping the energy at least a little hoppin, but every once and a while it would get a little heavy. I enjoyed the really sad songs from their album the most, so I was a little disappointed to not hear the title track from their new album, but it made sense that they didn't play it, because it's a pretty sad song.

The smaller crowd grew as their set progressed, but it wasn't really a packed room, which is a shame, because this band really puts their soul into their music (it seems), and it would have been nice to see them getting more recognition. That said, the crowd that was there seemed to react in a way that related that this was the first time they'd heard the band, and that the Dears were beginning to capture their interest, which I suppose is the point of touring, isn't it?

I had a very good time at this show. Kudos Dears, kudos.

If you're interested in hearing some of the Dear's music, check the post that will be up in a little bit, it'll have some tunes for ya :)

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