November 30, 2008

So Paste Magazine ... like last year or the year before or something offered a "pay whatever you want" subscription thing a la Radiohead and I took them up for a dollar. My point being that for some reason they keep sending me their magazine when in reality I haven't really been able to get into their articles because I feel they pander to a less in-the-know crowd ... as in-the-know as I may or may not be, I don't much care for who they report on most the time. But I feel it's good to keep up with what a section of the music business is up to, and for that, Paste is good. (Really if you want some good stuff check out Filter or Death & Taxes. Filter's top 10 is actually fairly respectable, though I would have quite a bit to add to it. either way I feel they dug deeper than Paste. Check it.).

My real point to all this is they recently named She & Him's album, Volume One, album of the year. You may remember my take on the album. I bring this up because I need to recognize that this blog has been lacking in much of any action recently, and that's because (on top of school being crazy and my band playing a billyun shows) I've been compiling my best of. It will be similar to last years in format ... probably. things may change, nothing is until it is. As of today, I've got 1 week of classes and 1 week of finals then 1 week where my band will be in the studio recording our first EP, then I'm free to lounge on the computer, put on old episodes of Northern Exposure and Gilmore Girls, and write about music for 2 weeks.

I might be going to a show here and there and report on it, but that's if something strikes my fancy. Hope everyone is having a good December so far! don't forget to pay your rent if you pay on the first! c-ya soon.

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