November 3, 2008

"I Know You're On To Something"

The Dears - Missiles
Verdict: Love (<) +

At times bringing to mind images of Radiohead and Joy Division, but also my mind draws connections to Elliot Smith (especially on Crisis 1 & 2), The Dears have sculpted a painful romp through what it must be like to destroy everything you know to make a piece of art. Um, okay even I'm not sure if that last sentence makes any sense, but it's staying ... what I meant by that was that the album is DARK. For me the entire album rides on the title track which has just about some of the most painful lyrics on the LP (maybe you will think differently, but I guess that's what it's like, isn't it?). That's not to say the rest of the album can't stand on it's own, it certainly has more than a few legs to stand on ... though ... about 8 legs less than it did before the recording for the album started (that's me trying to cleverly allude to the fact that 4 memebers quit the band before the completion of the album).

Again, the album is Dark, but it's that beautiful kind of dark.

The Dears - Missiles
The Dears - Lights Off
The Dears - Crisis 1 & 2

Og yeah, and check them out their on Tour

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