August 3, 2009

Pictureplane - Dark Rift
My Thoughts: Love More (<3)

Travis Egedy, mastermind behind Pictureplane, will be getting more press than he knows what to do with here pretty soon. This is, simply, because his new record, Dark Rift, breaks worlds apart. Compared to his previous records, Slit Red Bird Throat and Turquoise Trail (on which the pop sensation Day Glowwed appeared), Travis' sound has been cleaned up around the edges, taking out some of the fuzz, and is a little more focused on a steady beat. I have to say, though, that there isn't anything that Travis has touched that doesn't have his signature style, be it a remix, a B-side, or the material on Dark Rift.

Dark Rift showcase's Travis understanding of where electronic music has been, taking and shaping the good, the bad, and the weird into what will eventually be the future of dance music. DR has inviting trance rhythms juxtaposed with single-syllable samples and the signature Pictureplane obsession with heavily delayed bells and synth notes. Travis expresses his love for awkward yet engaging rhythms and sounds on each track, frequently placing the the focus on the off beat, even going so far as to place the bass beat on the off beat on Trance Doll, a fairly bold step in dance music. Because of Travis's experience, he knows how to mold seemingly inelegant songs into infectious dance madness (New Mind is one that fits well into the "very awkward rhythm, but still very dancy" category). Maybe not your average club, but expect to hear a few tracks banging from the speakers at a few of your friend's parties from here on in.

One thing that struck me about the album was that a few of the tracks, despite their clear dance structure, came off as almost ambient, possibly chill out music. I'm assuming the trance and house style tones from the synthesizers are causing my reaction. That said, I have to say that the record really works as a chill out, IDM sort of record, or as a club banger, depending on how you feel. That is really one of the more impressive things about the record, really. I mean, how many albums out there are essentially giving you what you, depending on your mood, want to hear? Only the very skillfully composed, that's for damn sure.

As a side note, I loved 5th Sun and Dimensional Rip III more than I probably should be allowd too. This is probably because of the delayed piano tones going on in them. They remind me a lot of The Prodigy's Experience LP, which will never get old.

Pictureplane - 5th Sun
Pictureplane - Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis)
Pictureplane - Dark Rift

Trance Doll video:

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