August 24, 2009

Karl Sanders - Saurian Exorcisms
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I'm not certain as to how this record found it's way to my home (especially with thie kind of gross/sexist cover), but I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised by it's tremendous sound. This album is BIG. Karl Sanders is the guitar player/vocalist of Nile, an Egyptian themed/inspired Death Metal band from South Carolina. I've never really enjoyed their work, but I've always respected their talent. If anything, this album talks to the dedication and ability of just one of their members.

Now, it's not the most colossal record ever, and there are a few times in the second and third listen that I found myself thinking that this bit or that part were a little too over the top, and some of the movements don't really feel fully realized, but for the most part the record delivers in ways I hadn't expected. It may be meant as an atmospheric record, but I think it draws too much attention to itself for that goal to have been met, which I count as good because I like music that reaches out and grabs you.

Karl Sanders - Preliminary Purification Before The Calling of Inanna
Karl Sanders - A Most Effective Exorcism Against Azagthoth and his Emissaries
Karl Sanders - Rapture of the Empty Spaces

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