August 25, 2009

Divisible - Less Than Lion
My Thoughts: Love (<)

Divisible is sexy. There is no other word that better fits. Heavy, dark, tribal drums crash and explode throughout the record, accompanied, on occasion, by cymbals that may as well be raining down on a rocky mountain side. Through all this is subtle, smooth bass lines sensuously swim around the chaos, melting away any feelings of unease. The sultry vocals are calming but enticing. The whole effect is like watching a spirit, surrounded by fog, slowly float down the saturday night street, all the while holding back a large, crashing beast that you can't quite make out, except for those damned glowing, terrifying eyes.

The songs are simple in the sense that there isn't a whole lot going on, but with the amount that is going on and how the whole thing is constructed, if there was anything else going on it would feel overwhelming. Each song talks of love and loss of some sort, a common topic, but Divisible gives us enough of their own unique characteristics in songwriting that the songs don't feel stale.

Divisible - Big Machines

Divisible - Everybody
Divisible - Love is the Cost

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