June 21, 2008

The Square to the Foot

I would just like to make a post to say hello to one of my readers way out in Louisiana by the name of Andrew. He is a friend/co-worker of my buddy/fellow blogger Shan, and I just wanted to say hi to both of them, public-like. Hi there.

I also wanted to stop the current madness that is my "not writing about the albums" style of reviewing that I'm currently employing in order to get through my list of albums that I've got piling up to review and say this: I'll start writing about the albums again as soon as I've slimmed the list down again. So if you read my blog for my randomness, don't worry, I'll be back to normal shortly. For those of you here to grab the mp3's and couldn't care less about what I'm writing ... well I suppose you're not even reading this, so nevermind haha :) These quick posts may continue on into next week. I'm not even sure how many albums I've actually got to get to, because I'm a little afraid of becoming discouraged.

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