June 15, 2008

"If I Get Nothing, That's Fine, Because Nothing's What I go

One of those albums that I've loved for a while but just haven't reviewed yet:

Jacob Borshard - The Last Brontosaurus
Verdict: Love More (<3)
There are two amazing things about Jacob Borshard: 1) his music and 2) he allows people to download his music for free (this album is available here, in it's entirety). The only problem with this album is it doesn't have my favorite song by Mr. Borshard that is called "Six Million Dead Punks Can't Be Wrong (Punk's Not Dead," but you can only release that song once. His songs are continuously cute/adorable/you get the point. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't check him out.
Jacob Borshard - Brains Brains
Jacob Borshard - Mary 1994
Jacob Borshard - Did You Know Rousseau?
Jacob Borshard - Hello Buddy

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