June 21, 2008

Aaron Neber - Conversations You've Had When No One Was Listening
Verdict: Like ()
Ambient and heavy and lo-fi and noisey, Conversations You've Had When No One Was Listening, is an album/collection of songs that one can only assume has an interesting story behind it. But, regardless of the motives behind the music, I can't help be be drawn to the spaced out nature of the songs. It reminds me of the leaked "Karen O" demo cd and of what early Velvet Underground demos might have sounded like. To a degree, it reminds me of Jandek and his whole "I'm gonna just wail and moan for about an hour while randomly hitting the guitar, and you're going to love it" thing. Not for everyone, but certainly for some:

Aaron Neber - This is Muddy
Aaron Neber - Eat Your Young
Aaron Neber - DrumDrum_BeatBeat

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