October 24, 2007

"Whether You're a Brother, or Whether You're a Mother"

There were times when I wished that the Denver scene were more like the Phoenix/Tempe scene, because the Arizonians that I've come across have all been exceedingly friendly, allowing as many people as they could to get up and play with them, forming multiple "side-projects," and just being some of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet. That wish lasted about 4 seconds before I realized that Denver is as intimate as the Phoenix scene, with members of basically every local band doing side projects with each other (The Wheel, the various incarnations of Transistor Radio Sound) and the bands supporting each other during hard times (Magic Cyclops Support Show). What spawned the desire to have a scene like the Arizonians? Seeing acts like French Quarter, Foot Ox, Alas, Alak, Alaska, Yourchestra, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and many others who hail from our southern neighbor-state who come through and warm our hearts with their songs of joy, woe, good times, and bad. No set of studio recordings could ever compare to the warmth felt by seeing these bands, especially when they play in our humble city of Denver, along side our own set of wonders.

So I went out and tracked down some live recordings of some Arizonians and of our own Denverites, and this is one of the shows I've come up with (the titles in parenthesis aren't known, so those are just the best guesses made by the recorder, Hoshwa, for 5432fun! [mad props]) :

Band: French Quarter
Date: 2007-04-25
Venue: Biko Garage, Isla Vista, CA

(Randy's House)
Bold With Fire
Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees Cover)
(Song About Smoking Cigs)
(You and I)
Build Fires
(Home Away From Home)

I'll have more goodies later. This is gonna be a good "series."


JJ said...

no shit

how did u get that cover?

Anonymous said...

Just saw The French Quarter in NYC and bought their/his CD - would love to know how to download the live tracks you have here too though - how to?

Luke Hunter James-Erickson said...

dear anonymous,
if you're using a PC, right click on the link, and click on "save as," and then save it onto your computer. if you're using a mac, do the equivalent (I don't have a mac, so I have no idea how that's done ... I think I heard rumor of holding down the clicker ...)