October 10, 2007

The Arcade Fire is the "Led Zeppelin" of Our Age

(there were many CO bloggers at the show, and I'm sure if you go to their sites, they'll have even more amazing pics. this one came from Wyoming Beat, a wonderful blog)

1) After accessing Jimmy Eat World's wiki page, I've found out they do not have a new lead singer after all ... did any one else think they did after hearing their new album?

2) Helloween's new album leaked, and I'm one of very few people I know who actually care. In case you're wondering, it rocks, and I can't wait to buy it. You should to.

3) Radiohead's new album dropped, and it's good. ... duh.

4) The Darjeeling Limited ... movie of the year. Period.

5) I like lists when I get tired, and I'm finally going to blog about the Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem show ... right now:

Monday rolls around, it being 1 day after Monolith, and come 2:00PM I'm back in my car, driving to Red Rocks, a route now well known. One thing lead to another, and I found myself finally arriving at the venue around 3:00PM. While walking to the (short [thank god!]) line, Julio comes walking up and says hi (apparently we got there at the same time ... fancy that shit :D). So Julio, his buddy John (who I also met at Monolith), some people I think John and Julio knew, and I just chilled out in line and BS'd about music. Sometime around 6:00PM they "opened the doors" (i.e. allowed our line to walk up the path to the gate), and basically the whole line bolted up the ramp, a few people from the back mixing in with a few from the front (much to the dismay of the rather unfit members of the front of the line). Being fit as hell, I secured my place basically at the front of the new line, Julio and co. right behind me. Gate opens, I jet, run up the long way (i had thought they closed off the short cut), bolt down the stairs, and find myself 3 rows from the front, right in the center. The only people in front of me were people who had been there as volunteers and were guaranteed spots front and center. My spot was the best in the house, in my opinion (by the way, I'm not usually a front-row-whore, but if you read anything I wrote about Monolith, then you understand that, at Red Rocks, unless I'm up to my eyes in noise, I'm not going to have a real great time., and the only way for me to be submerged in noise at Red Rocks is to be hella close). Yay for fitness. I am proud that I not only waited there for enough time to justify the good spot, but I didn't push anyone over or fight anyone for my spot.

Then Win came out and did a short little meet-and-greet, and then scurried back stage again. The dude has big hands and a warm style. Win for President. Aaaannnnyway, there was still a lot of time before LCD Soundsystem was to go on, and I wanted to check out the merch table, so I got to know the people around me, made temporary friends with them, and got them to watch my spot and my stuff. I went down, saw that the LCD shirts were really quite tame and not my style, and there was really only one Arcade Fire shirt that appealed to me, so I bought that and took a gander at this kind of righteous blue hoodie. The hoodie was pretty expensive, so I told myself that if, after the show, I still wanted it, I'd get it, and I went back to my seat, where I sat and chatted with the people around me for a bit, once or twice going and talking with Julio and co., who were in the front row, but all the way to the left.

Lights dim, show begins. I honestly have a hard time telling you about LCD Soundsystem's set. They were good ... so good I was worried that, realistically, few acts could follow it. You know those dance moves I got from Ghostland Observatory? I definitely put those to good use. Their music put me in such a trance. I was all at once the sexiest person I have ever been, and the most outragously weird dancer I have ever been (I suppose that's not that big of a stretch, is it? haha), and all because of the funky tunes of LCD. I bet that, for the first time since Daft Punk came through, the mountains shook like a poloroid picture. For god's sake the band had a dude who, at first, only played the cowbells. They had a freaking cowbell xylophone apparatus. Right on LCD, right on. The only let down was that, because of the altitude, James Murphy couldn't get as screamy, because he was afraid he would pass out. I'm glad he kept calm enough to perform, and was spirited enough to live up to my expectations. The live set I posted by them no longer works, so I'm going to re-post that shit right here, right now (now all I wish is that I had another live set by them):

Band: LCD Soundsystem
Date: 2005-09-04
Venue: Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland

Beat Connection
On Repeat
Daft Punk is Playing at My House
Losing My Edge

Franz Ferdinand-All of my Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)
LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (Shallow Version)

LCD left the stage, and their things were slowly carted off after them. At this point some people started to, in the semi-confusion that comes with the between-set-bathroom-breaks-and-food/beer-gathering shuffle, try to sneak up and crowd the heck out of the people who, well, straight up got there first. I'm usually the kind of person who will push new comers out of my spot if I've got room, but really, we were packed pretty tightly, and these people didn't care at all, and seemed to think that because they were enormous, they could get away with anything. I asked if they were planning on staying in front of me for Arcade Fire's set, and they looked back at me, scoffed, and said nothing. I was incredibly confused, because I knew these type of people existed, but because I was having such a good time, I didn't think that anyone around me would be THOSE kind of people (jerks that is). And while I'm no novice to making one's presence known at a concert (I used to be really into Death Metal), I wasn't about to start throwing elbows at one of the best shows I've ever been to ... plus these guys were twice my size (not a relatively difficult feat, mind you, but still impressive) and, even if they weren't, I HATE to fight, for so many reasons (think of all the reasons fighting is dumb and you've probably got the jist of it). No sooner did they scoff and turn around did everyone around me started yelling at them to leave, and one of my temporary-concert buddies, who was three times my size, just grabbed a shoulder of one of the guys and used him to shove the other one out of our way. The two guys left without another word, and the stage because to flicker and light up.

There were 6 or 8 stage large stage-light-looking things which acted as small projectors or, dare I say, television screens. Old black and white footage of a religious figure talking giving the "in order to get into heaven you must give money, so call this number and you'll be saved" schpeel, which lasted a good minute and a half. Then, slowly, the image of the Neon Bible began to show on the back of the stage, with the roar of static coming in (again) [lol], accompanied by the sound of pages flipping. 6 or 8 red, vertical, lights slowly turned on, giving the stage a kind of "prison in hell" motif. Then the band took the stage, and burst into Black Mirror.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The Arcade Fire is the Led Zeppelin of our age.

It is hard to even think about without swelling up and getting emotional. Memories of outrageous stage antics come back to me most readily, like band members coming up to metal the stage barrier and hitting it with drum sticks to the time of the song, splintering their sticks, then running back to the stage, where they would hit strategically placed cymbals at the crescendo. Semi-terrifying images projected onto the back wall. the fact that the what was coming out of the speakers wasn't only sound, but pure emotion, blasting through me in ways I've never experienced. I feel awkward admitting it, but good god ... that show ... god it was astonishing. They were the most genuine band I've ever seen ... period. Now, I know people are used to hearing about this, but, at that time, I had no idea that this went on: after they played the last song in their main set, Rebellion (Lies), the entire crowd continued to sing the hooky backing vocal part until the band came back on stage. We freaking crooned the band back on stage. Not clapped, not yelled, not cheered, but crooned. It was religious. It gave me hope for humanity. All of Red Rocks (the place was full) coming together and singing ... it was like we were trying to get god in on the act. The Arcade Fire came back out, and gave Red Rock's it's "happy ending," if you will.

Maybe the best show of my life. Almost needless to say, I went back and bought the blue hoodie.

See them. Dear god see them. I can only imagine that the next time they come through they'll be playing the Pepsi Center, and, even though I hate the Pepsi Center, I will pay for the ticket, and I will see them, because I will never miss a (reasonable) chance to see them ever again (unless they become nazi's or something. EFF that noise. But I don't think that'll be happening).

Here are some rare tracks (loosely) by The Arcade Fire:

The Arcade Fire - Broken Window
Norah Jones - Ocean of Noise
Foo Fighters - Keep The Car Running
The Arcade Fire - Poupee de Cire Poupee de Son

If you're really interested in hearing more of them, go to The Great Arcade Fire Post, quite possibly the best resource for the Arcade Fire's rare-ass music. Plus the other stuff on the blog is really great :).

Man, good to get that off my chest. Not as well written as I would have liked, but whatev. I'm still super busy, so posting will be sparse, but full of words :). Expect a post on The Forecast and then, after that, French Quarter and Foot Ox.

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