October 25, 2007

"Shout, Shout, Let It All Out"

Did anyone else notice that the new Michael Jackson album, which is so new that it has yet to even be titled, has supposedly leaked? From what I've read about the new album, what has leaked is most likely just a few versions of a few B-sides and possible demo versions of possible new songs. Whatever the case, if these demos are any indication as to what the finished product is going to sound like, then prepare to be unconcerned, because not only are the tracks forgettably boring, but some of them are about the quality of the majority of the songs you'll find on Acidplanet (come on, we all know that, while there is some stellar material on that site, the majority is BS).

Here's the tracklist:
Gangsta (No Friend of Mine) (supposedly w/ The Fugees)
Let Me Let Go
Someone Put Your Hand Out
I Need You (w/ 3T)
Ride With Me (W/ Rodney 'Darkchild' Jenkins)
Get Out of My Mind
Mamacita (w/ Santana)
Why (w/ 3T)
What More Can I Do? (English Version)
What More Can I Do? (Spanish Version)
What More Can I Do? (Spanglish Version)

All I have to say is that it's probably the creepiest album ever ... check that, I've got more to say:
Most of the beats are either cliched or straight up ugly and forgettable, which you actually have to have a certain amount of talent to pull off, so maybe I should be giving MJ props. "Gangsta", "Someone put your hands out", "Biggerman", and "Why" forgettable and just dumb. "Let Me Let Go" and "I Need You" are about being in love, which, from the scandal that surrounds Michael, just makes the songs sound like desperate attempts to make him seem like a normal guy who's in love ... which I have a hard time believing, and this is coming from a guy watches no TV or reads any rag-mags. "Ride With Me" has the most awkward beat I've ever heard, which is basically all that were was to the song. If there is anything that supports the case that this "leak" is just a compilation of demos and old B-sides, then the song "Ride With Me" is it. The "album" rounds out with 3 versions of his 9/11 benefit song "What More Can I Do," which follows the example of every other song similar to it, and just ends up sounding like the "Super Bowl Shuffle" but geared toward people in need (actually, Do They Know It's Hallowe'en is pretty good)

There were 4 almost shiny moments in the "album" though. "Shout" had good verse, but the chorus was a rip off of every other song named "Shout." "Get Out of My Mind" had an interesting beat, but it was still mostly dumb an cliched. "Xcape" is another one that is actually pretty good, except when he squeals or writes lyrics regarding relationships ... that's just so awkward to think about. "Mamacita" is probably the only good song on the leak, and, while I'm no expert on R&B, it's seems like a pretty competent song all around.

So you can see I'm not just pulling your leg, I'll give you a sample:

Get Out of My Mind
Ride With Me (Seriously the worst beat EVER!!! You need to hear it to believe it.)

I really REALLY hope this is no indication as to what he's doing in the studio, because I'd really prefer not to have it turn out like Brittany's new one (i.e. awful).

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