October 30, 2007

"I'd Do Anything For You"

So apparently the president of Indonesia has released an album... let me be the first to say I want a piece of that, and if anyone knows a way to get it, send that info to me.

Also, apparently a certain band, whom I will not name (though I thought of doing so purely for ironic purposes), has been getting so much hype that it has forced a fairly prominent blogger to take a stand, and I'm not the first to agree with him and bashfully admit that I've taken part in over hyping. Sorry folks, I'll have to start giving no more than seven thumbs up from now on (hehe) (but, seriously, maybe I am part of the problem ... haha, still funny to me though).

In other news I just realized that all those live sets I've come across were recorded by the same guy, Hoshwa, for 5432fun! (whom I gave mad props to), which means that I can't go on a hosting frenzy, because I'd essentially be stealing all his hard work and claiming it for my own, and that'd be lame, so I'm only going to host a few, and I'm even going to link directly to where he's uploaded the files, so as to give him as much credit as he is due, because he's a rad fella. Anyway, here's a live set by my lady-friend Brittany under the moniker Married in Berdichev! and my buddy Nick AKA Transistor Radio Sound (both of these acts, if you didn't all ready know from previous posts, are Denverites, and Rhinoceropolisites. Like the last time, some of the titles are just assumed, so don't take them literally. But since it's the music that matters, that really shouldn't be an issue)

Band: Married in Berdichev!
Date: 2007-03-24
Venue: Storke Tower Library, Santa Barbara, California

I Love You
I Need to Stop Listening
Sweet Sweet Summer
I'd do Anything
Water Balloon
In the Woods
Those Woods

Band: Transistor Radio Sound
Date: 2007-03-24
Venue: Storke Tower Library, Santa Barbara, California

Setup / Intro
I Know
So Strong
Where Did the Stars Go?
Planet Earth
Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh


JJ said...

idolator is a fuckin moron for many many reasons.

mostly he brought OINK down to its knees, but he/they/it also regularly do shitty shitty posts.

Luke Hunter James-Erickson said...

yeah, the only reason I'd even read the article was because Jakarta/Darnielle mentioned and commented on it. It was, honestly, the only time I'd ever read anything on Idolator

I Am Not Ghengis Kahn said...

somethin i read somewhere that would be another strange album to have:
"The United Kingdom has an interesting way of supporting their troops: million-pound record contracts. The British army regiment/band the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards have signed a deal with Universal Music to share their drums-and-bagpiping ways with the entire world. Their album, produced by Backstreet Boys vet Jon Cohen, will feature bagpipin’ covers of Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart songs, as well as the usual patriotic fare. The “band” will donate its royalties to military charities."

Anonymous said...

haha cool.